Back at The Engine Rooms

I realised the other day that I’ve been very lax at keeping the blog upto date, so although it’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions and all that, I promise I’ll work harder at keeping things upto date!

With that in mind, here’s a couple of shots from last week!

A band who liked the pictures that I’d shot at the Haigh Fest of them had been in touch via Facebook asking for some live gig pics.
Smitten Kitten were one of the unsigned bands that stood out for me back then, with some catchy tunes and a frontman wearing a pair of skintight white flares with matching Les Paul whilst prancing around the stage like an excited puppy.

Since then, they’ve recently changed their line-up and needed some upto date I was only happy to oblige!

It meant a short trip back to Skem to The Engine Rooms, where first on the bill was a young lad by the name of Sean Scott-Stevens. With a classic ‘One guy and a guitar’ setup, he was great. Playing a set of his own tunes along with some current chart hits (Ed Sheeran’s ‘A-Team’) along with the obligatory Wonderwall cover, I couldn’t fault the guy. I’d happily watch him again if he was playing locally..I’d suggest you should too.

Sean Scott-Stevens

With the crowd suitably warmed by Sean’s little set, it was time for Smitten Kitten. Headed up by Sam Millar with his brother Josh on lead guitar, Smitten Kitten are a tongue in cheek rock band in mould of The Darkness and Steel Panther. Despite all of the members being under 20 years old, between them, these guys have been playing for years and have put together a impressive little set. With a few little hiccups to be expected, as this is still very early days with a new drummer and bassist, they still managed to turn around a crowd who genuinely weren’t initially sure how to take them!  To be fair, you’re going to be a little surprised by a bunch of guys rocking skintight flares, leopard print scarves and swigging from bottles of Chenin Blanc!

It turns out however, that ‘No, they won’t play Wonderwall (but will play a song in the same key)’ and the Skem massive can indeed ‘Handle their love’..with the crowd chanting out catchy choruses when prompted. Always good for a laugh, they played a great set of original tunes and finished with a tasty reggae flavoured version of Freebird, complete with 3 minute solo. If you get the chance to go see Sam and the boys, I’d heartily recommend it.

Sam Millar of Smitten Kitten


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