Gig Report – The Lottery Winners & Jeramiah Ferrari

“Event Invitation – The Mighty Sparrow record launch!”

It was the above Facebook notification that had me heading up the M6 to Wigan once again to catch up with a band that I’d shot once before. Jeramiah Ferrari are bunch of young lads from Leigh, who manage to blend reggae and ska with some solid lead guitar work, which gives a lot of their tunes a little extra punch.

During the evening I’d see three bands, loan my camera to a stranger, throw an idiot out of the pub and find twenty quid!

Strarting the night’s entertainment however, were a band I’ve not heard before – ‘Milker’.

Unfortunately, the venue was pretty quiet when they hit the stage which is always a bit of a shame for live acts. Without much of a crowd to help energise the set, the pop-punk styled set felt a little flat. I got the impression that these guys were a pretty new band, as although they were clearly competent musicians, the set was peppered with little mistakes. Confusion over the set list, muddled intros etc.. nothing serious and certainly something that’ll improve with more gigs under their belt. They relaxed as the night went on and seemed to find their groove, so maybe one to watch in the future.


The Lottery Winners


Next up were “The Lottery Winners”, also from Leigh.

Winners of the ‘Live and Unsigned’ award last year for the best unsigned band in the country, if this gig was anything to go by, I can easily see why. Front-man Thomas Ryland engaged with the crowd from the offset. His amiable demeanour and self depreciating sense of humour belies a confident and very talented guitarist and singer. Happy to play up to the camera, chat with the crowd (Including swapping hats with a girl in the front row), he’s a perfect focal point for the band.

With a strong set of songs from their recently released album ‘The Art of Communication’, there was a little bit of something for everyone..although I guess if you’re into Swedish Death Metal or Hardcore nosebleed techno, then you’d be out of luck. For everyone else however, their set was a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs that at various points reminded me of The Smiths, The Beautiful South and even The Eagles of Death Metal!
From having the crowd clapping along and chanting out choruses to shoe staring melancholy within minutes, I’m really looking forward to catching these folks playing a bigger venue at The Haigh Fest in July.

Click to view the Lottery Winners Gallery


Jeramiah Ferrari

Finally, it was time for the massively popular Jeramiah Ferrari to hit the stage.

Fresh from the pressing of their first official release, they were launching the limited edition vinyl single ‘The Mighty Sparrow’.

The gathered masses were having a great time as Ryan and the boys jumped straight into their first song of the night..five minutes into the set, I’d given up trying to take photos. It was crammed at the front of the stage during The Lottery Winner’s set, but even the miniscule amount of space I had was soon taken by the bouncing and surging Jeramiah crowd. Encouraged by the band, their fans poured onto the stage to join in the fun. Joining in the rousing chorus of The Mighty Sparrow, the band and fans were in perfect , if slightly drunken, unison.

As you can see in the gallery, photos weren’t really the order of the day for this set.. it was all about Jeramiah Ferrari delivering for their fans; which they certainly did.

Click for more pics of onstage bedlam

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