Gig Report – Mechagodzilla / Killing The Tyrant

“What the fuck is that?!”

Apologies for the obscenities so early on in my review, but I think it’s a pretty accurate summary of my thoughts when I turned up at The Boulevard and caught Mechagodzilla running through soundcheck. A near six foot, flame haired beauty was barking into the mic whilst a guitarist was strangling some notes out of a strat, all backed by a drummer dressed as the invisible man hammering out blastbeats.

Grindcore/Killcore/Thrashcore/Deathcore/whateverthehellyouwantcore.. basically, it’s Marmite music. You either ‘get it’ and love it or you don’t. There’s simply no middle ground. It’s not the kind of thing your parents listen to.. unless your parents are into Cannibal Corpse, in which case you’ve got some pretty cool parents.
Mechagodzilla are an ‘experimental grindcore’ band from Wigan, who absolutely smashed the face off The Boulevard and kicked it while it was down.

Fronted by the striking Yvette Nightingale, looking like she’d stepped straight out of a Suicide Girl’s photoshoot, they unleashed 45 minutes of sheer audio violence upon an eager crowd who loved it. Tracks with such awesome titles as ‘Stabbed in the teeth’ and ‘Nailed to a tree and bummed alive’ went down a storm with their fans.

Technically impressive, you might not ‘get’ the music or it’s concepts, there’s no denying these guys can play. Guitarist John White drifted in & out of thrash, jazz, blues and sheer sonic mayhem. He managed to play a mean slide with an empty pint glass, but also attempted to dry hump the drumkit with his guitar.. I guess you had to be there.

I’m not going to pretend it’s my cup of tea, but if it sounds like your bag – then you check their tunes out here.

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Following up next were Bolton’s ‘Killing The Tyrant’.

Not quite as musically ‘extreme’ as Mechagodzilla, Killing The Tyrant are still a hardcore metal band who didn’t take it easy on the crowd!

Stocky frontman Ben Kelly jumps and strides his way around the stage like an angry rhino defending it’s territory.
Belting out heartfelt lyrics and engaging with the crowd, he’s an imposing guy with a powerful voice.
Layered guitars with a classic ‘Randall Amp era Dimbag’ tone provide a chugging back drop, with David Page playing some particularly tasty licks on his PRS.

With Ben having recently announced that he’s set to leave the band, it seems as if he’s currently doing everything he can to leave some pretty big shoes to fill. Killing The Tyrant have an EP online that you can grab for free via their Facebook page.

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Last band of the night were local favourites ‘The Hicks’.

They were the reason I came down, as I’ve yet to shoot these guys. However, due to over running sets and having to collect my missus from a rainy train station at midnight I missed the entire sodding set.

We don’t talk about it as it makes me sad and angry in equal measure, then I want to kick the cat. Next time Hick-men.. next time.

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