Gig Report – Wigan 25/03/11

Hi folks..

Managed to catch four bands this weekend, which is pretty good going by anyone’s standards!

First up was a trip to ‘The Boulevard’ in Wigan town center on Friday.

Location wise, it’s nice and easy to get to which is always a bonus, but it’s not great for taking pics. Hidden away below street level, it’s a cellar bar in the town center with a back room setup for live music.

Photo wise, it’s a real challenge. The stage is tiny and cluttered and there’s maybe 3 feet between the edge and the crowd. That’s not a lot of room for taking photos, made worse by the fact that there’s two huge metal support columns in the middle of the floor. Lighting was also awful.. tiny bright spotlights light the back of stage, but everything forward of the drumkit is in complete darkness..

There were three bands on the list:

  • Jeramiah Ferrari

These guys were up first and had the place bouncing with a good little set consisting of Reggae & Ska flavoured tunes.
Musically tight and with a good rapport, the lads were comfortable on stage and were popular with the crowd. Don’t let their young age fool you, these boys are going places.


  • Second Son

Up next were Second Son, a good bunch of lads from Wigan. Playing a set of original material.. mostly heavy rock with a ‘metal’ edge, it was a shame that a lot of the crowd had filtered out which left them playing to a handful of rock fans.


  • The Gekko

Finally, Preston based ‘The Gekko’ hit the stage last and really grabbed the place by the scruff of it’s neck. A strong set of hard rock, peppered with some shredding guitar work, you can tell these lads aren’t new to the game.
The singer looked like he’d turned up to the wrong gig and I wasn’t expecting much from his boyband looks .. I was definately mistaken though, as he had a great set of pipes on him and really owned the place.. proving that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


Photos of all the bands are in the gallery, feel free to go look!

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