Google Analytics = Scary

So, I decided to have a play about with ‘Google Analytics’.

For the uninitatied (which until last week, included me!) Google logs and stores information on every user that uses it.
That’s not as unusual as you’d think.. however what IS scary is just how much information is logged. Try this for size:

  • Operating System
  • Browser Version
  • Screen Resolution
  • Approximate Location

God knows why all this stuff’s being logged, however it’s very useful that they make it available to users. In my case, it allows me to pretty much tailor the site to the heaviest traffic.

Look at the example below:

Google Analytics

Looking at the data above, 1920×1200 is most popular screen resolution.. which is a widescreen resolution.
Next popular?    1440×900.. another widescreen resolution.

This is all useful information as it shows me that it’s worth my while designing the side to be widescreen, and in quite a high resolution. Previously, I’d have assumed that most people would be running lower resolutions. I’ve been limiting the size of my galleries etc, based on guesswork. Now with some real evidence, I can improve the site and tailor it to the audience.. Yay Google!


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