Haigh Live – Haigh Fest 2011

Well, I finally managed to get all my photos sorted, edited and uploaded from last weekend’s shenanigans at Haigh Hall!

It’s the post production side of things that most people simply wouldn’t even think about, but it really takes up all your time. It’s one of the reasons why wedding photographers charge what they do. Your job’s not done once you’ve clicked the shutter..if a gig takes two hours to shoot, it can easily take the same amount of time to sort, delete, crop, tweak white balances, contrast etc etc.. especially if you shoot RAW files. Is this pic better than that one, do his hands look better playing this chord or that chord?.. don’t even get me started on the amount of great pics you need to delete because the sodding singer can’t sing with his eyes open!

Thursday saw me stepping into the pit to shoot Liverpool lads ‘The Coral’ who played a strong set, followed by headliners ‘The Courteeners’.
After spending practically all my time dodging (mostly unsuccessfully) scummy idiots spitting at the photographers, and hurling bottles of beer & piss (thankfully very successfully), I managed to get some half decent shots!


Friday couldn’t have been more different.. ‘Star’ of Pineapple Dance Studio, Andrew Stone with his band Starman were followed by X-Factor boyband ‘The Reason 4’. After the teenage girls had finished their screaming, Jedward were unleashed onto the stage! You can say what you like about these two eejits, but you can’t dampen their spirits nor deny their incredible ability to entertain the crowd.

Finally, Friday’s main event.. Mr Peter Andre.
God only knows how he’s managed to carve a career out of a six pack and a failed marriage, but fair play to him..he’s the one on stage with screaming MILF’s throwing lingerie at him, not me!

After taking the day off on Saturday to recharge the batteries (both literally & figuratively), Sunday’s ‘Haigh Fest’ event meant shooting 12 bands over 8 hours.. around 600 pictures, which then need to be whittled down to a selection of around 10 per band set!
Some great bands, some not so great.. some excellent performers, some who stand around like statues. There was a little bit of something for everyone.. my personal highlights were The Lottery Winners, Smitten Kitten (I mean just LOOK at their front man!) and Jeramiah Ferrari.
Special mention should go to the awfully named, but really good ‘Finding Emo’, for their rendition of ‘Under The Sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

Anywho, enough of my waffle.. simply click on the random crowd pic below to see a collection of images from some of the areas best unsigned bands!


Oh little girls, how I like that you don't spit or throw bottles at me!


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