Have camera, will travel

There’s a famous Confucius quote that goes “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.
To be honest, I’ve always thought it was a bit trite, but then that’s probably because I’d never actually chosen a job that I loved..

One of the people I regularly work with is my best friend Paul Glover.. which means that working with him doesn’t really feel like working! I mean, just look at this happy face!

Paul fully approves of Carl's JR
Paul fully approves of Carl’s Jr

When he’s not filling his face with tasty morsels, he’s playing guitar (pretty well, incidentally).. which leads me to the point of this little blog entry.

Those of you who follow our Youtube channel will know that Paul’s a Brand Ambassador for Laney Amplification in the UK. Part of that role is representing the company at demo and trade shows; demonstrating the products, chatting to buyers and the general public. It’s basically an extension of what we do on the channel, only with real people instead of Youtube viewers!

Back in January I got a call from a very giddy and excitable Paul. He’d been asked by Laney to fly out to sunny California to cover the NAMM show in Anaheim.

It’s a massive deal, a huge convention which all the major music manufacturers attend to showcase their new products.. Laney were obviously going to be there and wanted Paul to be their ‘Demo Stand Guy’.. they were also cool with me coming along, with the plan being that I’d be shooting stills and video, mostly for our Youtube channel.
This was an incredible opportunity for us both; not just because it meant an awesome trip to the USA, but also because these shows are fantastic networking events and we were proud to be representing Laney in front of some of the industry’s most influential people.

It was an incredible week; we hung out with rock stars (bowling with Killswitch Engage anyone?), met some of our guitar heroes, took a trip into Hollywood and chatted to porn stars on Sunset Strip. Most of all though, we worked our little Scouse socks off.. you can see a bunch of photos in the gallery below.

The Anaheim Convention Centre in all it's glory!
The Anaheim Convention Centre in all it’s glory!

We obviously did something right, as in March we were asked go out with Laney again, only this time to the Frankfurt Musikmesse, which is essentially the “European NAMM” show. This time however, I wasn’t just a bit of a ‘plus one’, I was part of the team.. covering the show and producing videos for the official channels of Laney, Ibanez, Tama and Zildjian.. again, there’s a few photos in the gallery below.

The weather was awesome, thanks Frankfurt!
The weather was awesome, thanks Frankfurt!

I realise that I’m incredibly lucky now to have a job that’s opened up so many doors and introduced me to all kinds of wonderful people. In just the past few months it’s taken me to America and Germany, working with some of the biggest brand names in the music industry.
It may well have entailed sixteen hour days, intense working conditions and challenging shooting environments .. yet somehow it never felt too much like work.. so you know what, I think I finally get where old Confucius was coming from.

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