New Year’s Musings

So then.. it’s 2012.

I thought I’d just take five minutes for a little reflection on the past year.

It was this time last year that I decided to give live music photography a try. I had a camera sitting around that I didn’t really use and I suppose I was just a bit sick of seeing the same crappy photos of local bands. I didn’t necessarily think I could do better, but just thought I couldn’t be that much worse!

Fast forward twelve months and I’ve got a website (of sorts!), a half decent portfolio and I’ve been to see more live music in a year than I’d seen in the previous ten. I’ve met some great people, I’ve met some arseholes and practically everyone inbetween. I’ve been to tiny, sweaty gigs and big outdoor festivals, I’ve been the only person in the venue other than the band and I’ve been in the pit with 10 other guys and wondered how I’d managed to blag myself in there with the pro’s!

I’ve seen some bloody brilliant local bands and hopefully 2012 might see some of their hard work paying off with record deals, world tours and a bit of recognition. Seriously, keep an eye on flyers, Facebook, word of mouth and anything else you like for some of these guys playing near you:

  • Jeramiah Ferrari
  • The Hicks
  • The Lottery Winners
  • Sly Digs
  • Derision
  • Boss Keloid
  • Ratty Little Fingers

They’re all different, from the classic Rock ‘n Roll of the Sly Digs, the Reggae funk of Jeramiah Ferrari to the bonkers metal of Boss Keloid.. all of them however are excellent musicians and all great people. I don’t really ‘do’ Karma, but if I did then their good vibes are definitely going to do them all favours.

The photography’s also had the unexpected bonus of getting me into playing guitar. Seeing someone like Danny Wagstaff (a genuinely nice guy, who’s now studying guitar at the Musicians Institute in LA) in a tiny Wigan pub absolutely nailing every lick and riff from an entire Pearl Jam set made me realise it’s possible to get insanely good, even if you’re a normal guy. He was the inspirational kick up the arse I needed to go and get some lessons..which resulted in me meeting Paul Glover, another phenomenal musician and Berklee graduate to boot. If you’re ever looking for guitar lessons in the North West, give the guy a shout..he’s a legend and all round top man.

Finally, this wouldn’t have been possible without a couple of friendly faces this time last year when I decided to jump in and give it a go. So big thanks to Dave Kaaria, Alex Hurst and Adam Calderbank for letting me ‘have a go’, and fellow photographers Haydn Rydings and Joe Speak for being friendly..a good attitude counts for a lot to me. 🙂

The highlight for me had to be Haigh Live.. the music may not have been the best, but the experience was.


So, thanks to everyone who’s been involved in any way, shape or form.. Here’s to more of the same this year!

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