Out of my comfort zone…

So, a guy I know through my photography mentions that he’s putting on a ‘Charity Boxing’ night for his local rugby club; “bit of a fundraiser, tickets a fiver”.. you know the score.

As it was something I’d always quite fancied a go at (shooting boxing, not so much the ‘getting in the ring’ bit..) I offered to come down and shoot the night’s bouts. It’s always good to try different photography styles, you never know when you might find something you really enjoy otherwise.

So on Saturday night, I found myself ringside for the night.. with the only fighting I was doing being against the poorly lit ring!

From a photography point of view I was using my Tokina 16~50 f2.8 on the D7000, shooting at ISO1000 initially.. it became clear really early on that this wasn’t allowing for a fast enough shutter speed (I needed around 1/500th for the action).. so the second bout was at ISO1600.. again, not really enough! I finally had to revert to the trusty Nikon 35mm f1.8, which was used for the remaining bouts.

Click the photo below to see the gallery.. feel free to leave any feedback, but don’t be too harsh, it WAS my first attempt..haha

Bloody Glove

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