Taking Care Of Business

Business Cards.. the staple of middle-management and used car salesmen.

I’ve never been a big fan of business cards and during my 10 years of having a ‘real’ job I’ve managed to avoid having any.
Some people see them as a ‘badge of honour’.. but I see them only as a necessary evil.

With the website now up and running, it made sense that I’d need to start letting people know about it. Word of mouth, plus Facebook & Flickr updates are well and good, but I’d like to do it properly. There’s little point being professional if you don’t look professional, so last month I got cracking on designing a logo and integrating it into the site.
You’ll notice my logo now on all my images too, as a bloody great watermark.. which honestly, I don’t like to do.. but watermarks are another necessary evil. I think that’s for another post however..

So, to back up this shiny & professional new look, I caved in and ordered some business cards. After a little research, forum hunting and chatting to various people, I went with a company called ‘Moo’. They seemed to offer just what I needed, people praised the quality of the materials and they allow photos on the reverse, which is exactly what I was after.

Behold, my first batch of business cards!
Moo.com full size business cards

Whilst designing the cards, another reason I went with Moo as they have a unique offering.. MiniCards!
These little bad boys are half the height of a standard business card and a perfect for handing to the bands as they leave the stage. Just the right size to fit into a pocket or guitar case.. plus their unique size means they seem to leave an impression.

I could have gone with some cropped images on these too, but thought I’d keep it simple with just my contact details.

Moo.Com Mini Cards
I genuinely love these

So, with a little money and a lot of time invested in these I sure hope they work.. wish me luck!

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