Back From Tour..Again!

It’s taken a little while to get around to posting this update, for which I apologise. Thing is, I’ve been a bit busy.. being an official tour photographer again!

Last June I was on tour with guitar superstar Phil-X and his band ‘The Drills’, along with Rob Chapman and his band ‘Dorje’. It was an absolute blast and a real eye opener into the mechanics of working with a touring band.

So early this year, I get the call.. “How’d you like to do it all again man.. but bigger and better?!”
There wasn’t even a decision to make, of course I was in!

And what followed was a whirlwind fortnight of living with these guys as part of the crew, a well oiled machine that makes magic happen every night.
You adjust pretty quickly to getting by on just 3 hour’s sleep a night, showering in motorway services and Uni campuses (you’ve no idea how much a good shower can lift the mood of a stinky tour bus).. but just being around the maelstrom of the tour bus is priceless.

Still, after a long day of lugging gear about, helping the bands set up, then shooting the show for a couple of hours every night I was more than happy to crawl into that little cave!

Obviously I can’t condense two weeks of fun & mayhem into something you’d bother to read without boring the pants off you.. so let’s just say I had an amazing time with my band of brothers and I’ll happily sign up to do it all again.

The week after we got back from tour, Phil-X was asked to ‘Phil-In’ *sorry* for Richie Sambora again for Bon Jovi’s world tour.
From having to share a stinky bus with me, playing to fifty people one week, to riding in private jets and playing to fifty thousand people the next.. Incredible.

Without further ado, click on the picture below for a selection of photos that should hopefully help you get a taste of what you missed if you weren’t there for the shows, or a lovely reminder for those that were.

Dorje – Live in Manchester

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