Q-Strap Review

I’d been looking at picking up a decent strap for my Nikon for a little while now.. the one that ships with the camera is a pretty standard affair, hook to the two mounting points on the camera, sling over neck, develop severe muscle trauma.. you get the picture (or don’t, as your neck’s so sore, you’ve given up and gone home).

The strap vendor of the moment seems to be USA’s ‘Black Rapid’.. available in various guises with confusing sounding names such as the RS4/RS5/RS7/RS-Sport etc.

Now, apart from just sounding like a list of the latest Audi’s, they’re actually just as overpriced. You’re looking at the best part of £70 for a Black Rapid RS-Sport, which is a little too rich for me, considering it’s just some nylon webbing.

The answer for me lay in China, home of cheap knock-offs and copies since as long as I can remember.
One quick eBay purchase later and this little bad boy showed up!

eBay's finest Black Rapid RS7 knock off.

At £14.99 delivered, I’d say we’re well on the way to bargain of the year. It’s pretty much identical to the Black Rapid RS-7, with the only real difference being the mounting point, which we’ll get to in a sec.

Black Rapid themselves went through a few various iterations of both the metal hook that attaches to the camera and it’s matching camera mount.
The locking hook and eye on this strap is the same as the latest from Black Rapid:

For the actual camera connection mount, I went and ordered a ‘legit’ Black Rapid ‘FastenR-3’. Still bloody expensive at £12 for basically a fancy screw, it was a much smaller footprint which meant it doesn’t get in the way when shooting with the camera in portait orientation.

Black steel locking pin

So, for less than £30 I’ve got a decent strap that’s really comfortable and happily supports my D90 & grip, plus the heavy 70-200 f2.8
I’d happily recommend this set up to anyone looking to replace their awful vendor strap!

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